Film City Glasgow offers two virtual office packages, meaning that you can take advantage of the communal facilities and be part of our creative community without renting an office space. These packages are ideal for people working from home or start-up businesses who wish to give their company a polished and professional appearance without the upheaval and expense of moving.

Virtual Post Service
This package enables clients to use Film City Glasgow’s address for all incoming mail. Each client’s mail will be held for collection or can be redirected as per the client’s wishes.
Outgoing redirected post will be sent at normal Royal Mail rates with a 15% handling fee. Charges will also apply for any envelopes used in accordance with the redirection.

Total Cost: £25 + VAT per calendar month

Virtual Post and Phone Service
This package provides you with the benefits of the virtual post service, as well as providing you with a phone line for your company. Calls to this number can either be redirected to a number of your choice, or an answer-phone service can be set up. This answer-phone service can be accessed remotely.

Total Cost: £35 plus call forwarding charges + VAT per calendar month

How to apply…
1. Read and agree to our terms and conditions
2. Download and complete the application form and return it to us
3. Please bring two forms of ID, one being photographic
4. Please give details for two references, one being an accountant or business bank manager
5. Upon acceptance of FCG Virtual Office, set up a standing order for monthly payments