20 Jul 12

Facility Feature : The Chamber Room

This is where it all happens; our versatile Chamber Room has seen and been everything! Here is a list of some of the exciting and curious activities that have taken place in this striking space.

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15 ways the Chamber Room has been used:


1. Read-through space (and fight scene rehearsals) for Peter Mullan’s Ned’s.
2. Location for Jon Baird’s Filth (burlesque club scene).
3. Casting for Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin (100’s of girls were stripped naked!)
4. Dancers casting for Stuart Murdoch’s God Help The Girl (Belle & Sebastian feature)
5. Location for Thomas Ikimi’s Legacy (American Town Hall scene)
6. Location and build space for Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights
7. Wrap party venue for David MacKenzie’s You Instead (Sigma Films)
8. Build Space for Ciaran Foy’s Citadel (Sigma Films)  
9. Rehearsal space for National Theatre of Scotland
10. Rehearsal space for Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s musical theatre programme
11. Venue for University West Scotland’s Song writing course
12. Test area for a huge list of new TV game shows
13. Exhibition space for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art
14. Event space for Scottish Album of the Year awards
15. Contestant green room for CBeebies School of Silence (pre gunge area!)