08 Oct 12


Film City Glasgow is developing a programme for sustainability that aims to foster a low carbon economy and create a change catalyst for FCG’s local community and the wider screen industries.

Committed to realising best practise in facility management, Film City Glasgow believes that by conserving energy and reducing emissions we will not only ensure that we are a sustainable business which supports all of the Scottish screen industries, but also that we can positively impact on our community; local to global.

In 2013 Film City Glasgow will be taking bold steps to change the way we and our building users operate, partnering with Glasgow City Council to ensure this programme is delivered effectively.   

This programme’s research involves a full building energy audit undertaken by Glasgow City Council’s Energy Management team which will inform appropriate installations and building renovations. The programme places as much importance on behavioural change as building alterations, this includes creating an Environmental Policy, programming events that raise awareness of environmental issues and supporting a green group.


Below is a list of some of our projected outcomes for the project.

Implementing green building practises; through actively engaging building users in energy efficiency and demonstrating the positive results, FCG will influence a significant change in the way the screen industries operate.

Conserving energy and reducing emissions; through maintaining value for money facilities FCG will create a more sustainable infrastructure for the Scottish screen industries. Thus, ensuring that Scotland is a viable base for international film production. 

Become part of a network of green businesses; FCG will develop a range of partnerships that will collaborate on community projects and share information.  

Extending the impact; through evaluation, FCG will realise a practicable system for maintaining and continuing practises. 

Film City Glasgow is eager to secure funding for all aspects of this initiative to go ahead and for the programme to be fully realised.
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