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3 Jul 2015

Monitoring Our Water Usage

This month we are focussing on our water usage and establishing targets to reduce the amount of water used throughout the building. To do this, we are working with Scottish Water and their contractors MWH who have been on-site to perform tap tests and conduct a full building survey to ascertain which areas could be improved in terms of water efficiency. This will involve replacing old, inefficient water meters as well as an inspection of water storage tanks throughout the building.

Due to the age and nature of the building  this requires no small amount of investigative work on the surveyor's part to navigate and locate the relevant valves and connections, and may require some digging outside the building on Summertown Rd. 

In addition to this, our duty managers will each be completing a water inspection check list provided by Resource Efficient Scotland to identify any leaks, drips, or faults as well as potential water usage habits which could be improved, ultimately saving money on our water bills. We are currently in the middle of a procurement for the best water billing system for our needs.

Find out more about how efficient water metering and usage can save money and reduce environmental impact here

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