Blog Picture - New energy-efficient heating in the Main Hall

1 Oct 2013

New energy-efficient heating in the Main Hall

You think we’re overstating, but this is porn for facilities and production managers! What was once a big, cold and damp Victorian dance hall, is now a big, warm workspace - perfect for rehearsals, set-builds and shoots.

We've recently installed gas-fired radiant heating in our Main Hall. In the past, we would have needed to heat a whole section of the building from 5am, just to get the Main Hall to a comfortable temperature. But now, a quick 30mins blast from this system and the whole space is good to go for hours before needing a top-up!

The system is similar to that found in velodromes and train stations and works by heating just the work space as opposed to the entire hall. Previously, the Main Hall was the most costly space to heat at Film City Glasgow, and so replacing the system is having a huge impact on overall heating costs for the entire building. Hopefully this will ensure our business is more sustainable year-on-year.

To book the Main Hall please contact for availability and prices.

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