Blog Picture - New Locker Room For Cyclists

25 May 2015

New Locker Room For Cyclists

As part of our ongoing commitment to promote cycling as a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative mode of transport we are pleased to present our new locker room set up at Govan Rd reception specifically for cyclists as a space in which to change in and out of their road gear.

By repurposing a disused toilet we have created a secure space for cyclists to store their gear using the lockers provided. The room also includes a large reclaimed Belfast sink for users to wash up, as well as several coat racks to hang up jackets and waterproofs. Whilst Scottish weather may be famously unkind to cyclists, we hope the provision of this space will give would-be cyclists further incentive to leave the car at home and to view cycling as a preferable means of transport that lessens congestion and air pollution, whilst providing a daily dose of exercise.

This room has been set up as part of our continuing effort to make the building more convenient for people who opt for a healthier, greener and more enjoayable way to get to and from work. In addition to this locker room we have recently constructed a bike shelter in our south courtyard, as well as offering indoor space for users to park their bikes. We have plans to implement full shower facilties for cyclists in the near future, and we will continue to offer use of our pool bikes to building users, so really there is no excuse for anyone working at FCG not to saddle up and get cycling.

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