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17 Sep 2014

Our first steps in sustainable procurement.

Since developing a Sustainable Procurement policy at Film City Glasgow, we have been evaluating our suppliers and the products we use. This month we have amalgamated three of our suppliers to one supplier; a local company with warehouses in Glasgow is able to supply all our cleaning, catering and stationary products. Our new supplier offers competitive prices, demonstrates a sound knowledge of sustainability and are able to advise us on more cost effective and environmentally friendly options, such as choosing concentrated, chemical free cleaning products. Making one order to one company will mean that in theory we should be able to make one monthly order for all of these products, receive one delivery and one invoice.

Film City Glasgow is also operating the café onsite. This has allowed us to seek out local suppliers and support Scottish products. Our sandwiches and soup are made at a local café and include minimal packaging. Our cakes and bread our freshly baked by Tapa Organic bakery in Glasgow. Other Scottish products on sale include; Stoats porridge, Tunnock’s teacakes, Isle Mull biscuits, Rowan Glen yogurts, Brew Ha Ha tea... to name but a few. We also have price incentives for customers to reduce wastage by bringing their own mug. All our crockery is carefully selected from charity shops.  

FCG has been undergoing some light refurbishment work recently and every care has been taken to upgrade spare fittings and fixtures removed from other parts of the building. Maintaining the attitude; REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. For example, replacing the glass in a retro door, and using up paint from the last job we did. 

We now ask all our suppliers to answer some questions about the life stages of the products they supply, including; raw materials used, manufacture processes, distribution, how the product is used and what happens at the end of the products life. 

Our next step will be to investigate our service suppliers policies and ways of working. We will collate all of our contractors information and review their services on a regular basis.  

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