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11 Mar 2014

Ways to be Green on Location

Although our Programme for Sustainability funding period has now come to a close, we have created a Sustainable Location Guide to keep informing people about being green on location.

The Sustainable Locations guide has been created collaboratively between Film City Glasgow and several other organisations to advise production companies who are working on location in Scotland on the best ways to be environmentally friendly. This guide features hints and tips from industry professionals on how to be 'green', including advice on keeping your waste production low and how you can conserve energy whilst filming. The guide also includes key contacts for local authorities and councils throughout Scotland, and links to tools for monitoring your carbon footprint.

The guide is available in the form of a downloadable PDF and we are eager to hear from companies who have used it and found it helpful - if you have used any of the tips in the guide, please drop us a line on our Facebook or twitter page and let us know how it helped youl!

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