Blog Picture - Thermal Imaging

12 Mar 2014

Thermal Imaging

Along with Film City Glasgow's continual strive to become more sustainable we recently took the chance to have a report conducted on the building through the use of thermal imaging. The results from this survey go a long way to helping us have a better understanding of how to reduce our environmental emissions and become more energy efficient.

Over 250 images of the interior and exterior of Film City were taken by Thermal Image UK and these highlight certain areas of which we can improve our 'fabric heat loss' ie. Window frames, insulation gaps etc. This will help us to prioritise any enhancements or upgrades to Film City in the immediate future. All of which will be beneficial to Film City, its tenants and most importantly the wider ranging environment.

Above is and example of the type of images and information we gained.  The image shown is the front elevation of our main entrance.

The bar shown centrally is a heat reference guide showing whites and reds being 'hotter' and blues and purples therefore 'colder'.

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