Blog Picture - Last Green Sub-Group Meeting of 2013

13 Nov 2013

Last Green Sub-Group Meeting of 2013

Our last Green Sub-Group Meeting of the year took place today.  We have been really pleased with the turn-out of these meetings and it has been a great way to pass along information to our tenants, through the nominated green representatives of each company.

We rounded up the year by highlighting the accomplishments we have made, and thanked our tenants for their support and input throughout the meetings.  Our Environmental Policy was circulated around the group and there were a few amendments, which we made before the tenants signed it off.  This is now available to download on the Film City Glasgow website,

As usual, we concluded the meeting with our in house awards ceremony.  There were 2 winning companies that were particular green this quarter and a mini Christmas tree-style plant was awarded to them. 

Our meetings will carry on in 2014 and we are looking forward to having lots more news to pass along to our tenants - and potentially more prizes!

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